Tilt Brush "Foil Art"

This was a fun little internal project for The Mill Chicago. I love playing in Google's "Tilt Brush" application on the Vive platform and was really curious what more we could do with it. This started as an expiriment where I was exporting geo out of Tilt Brush, importing it into C4D, and then rendering it out with Arnold. We took that initial idea, developed a look and a space to finish in, and turned it all into a live event, putting the results on Instagram the next day.

Two artists tilt sessions displayed as modern art

Our event where guests created art to be rendered overnight and showcased the next day.


Client: The Mill Chicago
Animation Company: The Mill+
Art Director: Josh Van Praag
Technical Director: Josh Van Praag
Tilt Artists: Bowe King, Jessica Soderstrom, Jeff Boddy, Adam Carroll, Matt Darnall