Nick Jr. "Network Rebrand"

Nick Jr. came to Gretel to help update their branding, hoping to match the other more modern looking Nickelodeon properties. The look, feel and the energy of the brand needed to deliver on the new network tagline "The smart place to play". With that in mind, their world needed to be filled with opportunities for exploration, and clever, fun, learning moments.

Gretel created a colorful, engaging, and sensory environment of creative search and discovery which could appeal to the varied interests of the age group. They set the stage with a striking world of curvilinear shapes and numbers, all interconnected by winding pathways. Nick Jr. characters interact with and play in that world, sliding through tunnels, pushing buttons, lifting hatches, sailing on pirate ships, driving through loops… the possibilities are endless.

Our base 3D shapes used to help build the world.

Our base 2D shapes used to help texture the world.

Our textures and 3D shapes in use.


Client: Nickelodeon
Animation Company: Gretel
Creative Directors: Greg Hahn & Ryan Moore
Art Director: Danny Ruiz
Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
Design: Danny Ruiz, Carl Burton, Jack Myers, Wes Ebelhar, Dylan Mulvaney
Animators: Josh Van Praag, Carl Burton, Jack Myers, Gary Tam, Wes Ebelhar, Irene Park
Sound Design: Jinglepunks