Dairy Queen "Clap Your Feet!"

The message in Dairy Queen's new 'Flip a Blizzard' campaign is very straightforward: blizzards are now served upside down at all DQ locations. 'Clap Your Feet America', is a fully animated spot launching this new campaign, and also boasts an original sing-along song scripted by Barkley US - to call on the world to get topsy-turvy with them.

The main rule for us was very simple: every character is upside down and every character finds a way to make it work for them. After that, the inspiration was a creative, fun, and organic process. A character had to make us laugh, whether it be in design, absurdity or animation. As long as it was charming, we would make it work.

We made over fifty different gifs highlighting our characters and scenes for use on GIPHY and in social media.

Our one C4D scene for the Oreo transition to outer space.


Client: Dairy Queen
Agency: Barkley US
Animation Company: The Mill+
Art Director: Matt Darnall
Technical Director: Josh Van Praag
Producer: Tracey Kahn
Storyboards: Adrian Navarro
Design: Brian Gossett, Matt Darnall, Adrian Navarro
3D Design: Josh Van Praag
Animators: Josh Van Praag, Adrian Navarro, Matt Darnall, Peter Kallstrom,
Marco Giampaolo, Steve Beck, Ambrose McDuffy, Anzie Lee
Sound Design: Primary Color Music